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Unique Modern  African Flair

Bracelets and Hand Jewellery

We have a variety of beautiful and stylish bracelets and hand jewellery, which are designed to suit formal, smart casual and casual wear. The hand jewellery is adjustable and can fit almost any wrist, however for normal bracelets we need to know your wrist size, so that we can custom make the one for you should we not have your size available.

This is how to measure your wrist size:

Take a threat and tie around you wrist (end to end), and then loosen it to the degree of your desired slackness to avoid tight fit or you can keep it tight if you prefer tight fit ( not recommended). Then cut the thread and measure the length of the threat with a ruler. Send us the length with the order, preferably in Millimeters.

Shopping Guide

This is how you place an order:

  1. Browse through the product catalogue and note the product code you're interested in.
  2. Complete the order form with the required contact details.
  3. Select your desired Product Category.
  4. Select your desired Delivery Method.
  5. Indicate the product code(s) you are interested in, as well as the quantity required, in the supplied Message field.
  6. You will receive a quotation via e-mail indicating the total cost of the order (including postage).
  7. Confirm your order via voice call, email or Whatsapp if you are happy with the quotation.
  8. An invoice will be sent to you for payment.
  9. When payment has been received, your order will be processed and prepared.
  10. Your order will then be dispatched and you will receive an email confirmation.


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